Letter to Vendors

January 24, 2013

Dear Service Provider/Vendor:

You are receiving this letter because you provide services to Good Shepherd Services in Seymour, WI. Good Shepherd Services holds several state licenses for care environments and certifications by Medicare and Medicaid.

Regulatory requirements mandate that any service provider / vendor that is in contact with residents in our care environments must complete a background check and mandatory education

Background Check

If you already complete background checks on your employees, complete the attestation form (pdf download here) and return to good Shepherd Services in the enclosed envelope.

If you do not complete background checks, and need assistance with the process, please feel free to contact Lisa Younk at Good Shepherd. She can assist you with information on how you can complete this requirement.

The Compliance Officer and the Executive Director are responsible for training efforts of the program. In this capacity, they may be assisted by outside experts and / or legal counsel.

Mandatory Education

A "Vendor Compliance" link is located on the Good Shepherd Services website. The website can be located at

Your company's attestation must be on file with Evan Byers at Good Shepherd Services prior to completing any work on or after 2/15/2013.


  1. Vendor Attestation Form
  2. Corporate Compliance
  3. Workplace Violence
  4. Abuse, Neglect and Misappropriation
  5. Residents Rights
  6. Concealed Weapons
  7. Smoking Policy
  8. Privacy Practice Handbook